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Wuhan Zhongshan Avenue reconstruction entered the final stage of two asphalt road closed the temporary closure of sections of the sketch map of the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Sheng Wei Na Wang Gang correspondent Hu Shijia Li Jia Chen Fei) reporter yesterday from the Changjiang Daily in the construction of three Bureau, Zhongshan Avenue reconstruction project has entered the final stage, in November 26th, 27, the construction units will work on asphalt paving Zhongshan Avenue Yuan Road to Huangshi Road, Nanjing road to Jianghan Road, road traffic will be temporary control. In addition, the Han River Road (Baofeng road to Qiaokou Road) today will be the construction of the main bridge, Jiangbei Expressway (river section) will also carry out road construction, the traffic control department will implement traffic control measures on the surrounding roads, to alert the public to bypass. Sections of the Zhongshan Avenue specific control measures in November 26th to 18:00 0:00 Zhongshan Avenue (a road to Huangshi Road) closed construction, vehicles banned, also banned vehicles along the Huang Xing Road, station road through Zhongshan avenue. Business street, Beijing Road, Tianjin Road, cooperative road, Lanling Road, Li Huangpi Road, Huang Xing Road, Yue Fei street, Station Road, sea Shou Jie, Youyi street, connecting adjacent road vehicle traffic affected. The above units along the road, small travel advice by foot, bicycle, and Beijing Hankou Road, along the road and other roads to take public transportation. Transit vehicles in advance through Beijing Hankou Road, Yanjiang Avenue, victory Street bypass. In line with the Zhongshan Avenue (a road to Huangshi Road) construction, to minimize the impact on the traveling public traffic, 16 bus lines near the road, today all day long temporary adjustment toward tomorrow, all return to normal driving line. In November 27th 0:00 18:00 to Zhongshan Road (Nanjing road to Jianghan Road) closed section construction intact, the original to the Yangtze along the street of the vehicle, please go to avoid the construction. In the construction of the three Bureau of the person in charge of construction, Zhongshan Avenue one Yuan Road to the entertainment road construction has been completed, and the bottom of asphalt paving completed about 83%, the surface layer of asphalt paving is about to start, sidewalk paving has been completed 82.7%. Recreation Road wusheng road construction has been completed 45.7% lane, the sidewalk pavement construction has been completed 25.4%, was launched in November 21st. Hanjiang Road (Baofeng road to Qiaokou Road) viaduct construction, the surrounding road traffic control on the 26 day, the Han River Road (Baofeng road to Qiaokou Road) will be the main road elevated bridge construction, to guarantee safety during construction, the traffic control department decided to implement traffic control on the relevant sections from November 26, 2016 to June 30, 2018. Then, Jiefang Road Baofeng Road intersection to prohibit motor vehicles from west to North (Qiaokou road to Baofeng road direction) left, Jiefang Road in Qiaokou Road intersection to prohibit motor vehicles from east to South (Baofeng road to Qiaokou road turn left direction). The only road to allow the vehicle from west to East (liberation Avenue Qiaokou road direction) traffic, street leather only allowed vehicles from south to North (along the river road to liberation Avenue direction) traffic, Double Lane factory only allows vehicles from the north to the South (Liberation Road to Beijing Hankou Road traffic direction). Cancel.相关的主题文章: