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Zhuhai tournament Zhang Shuaihao took two straight locking group winners advance to the semi-finals [news] Zhang Shuai two straight sets victory Babosihao from top two wins to qualify Zhang Shuai harvest two straight semi-finals in November 3rd 2016 Tencent sports season Zhuhai WTA super elite tournament to continue the group phase for Chinese, a sister Zhang Shuai continuation of the excellent competitive state, the two game she was staged reverse play, finally by 7-6 (2) 6-4 Li Bosi harvest two straight, lock top the group to enter the semi-finals, she decided to draw in the semi-finals will be tomorrow. The focus of the game two players in the past there have been a record of the clash of the 1, Zhang Shuai in 2012 in the Guangzhou game lost even lost his opponent in the two set. After the first round to beat Shinseki, Zhang Shuai holding the lead. Today, after beating Babos Chinese Jinhua two wins record of the first qualifying group. Technical statistics project (Hungary) Babos Zhang Shuai (China) ACE double ball error scoring rate 63%64% two scoring rate 70%50% total score of 65151 (43%) 86151 (57%) break the success rate of 24 (50%) 310 (30%) compete in the two set, Zhang Shuai hit the ball 7 ace, did not send any a double the error, a scoring rate of nearly 80%, take advantage of the total score. The first game replay babos serve, a repeated placement of beautiful get victory. Board meeting, Zhang Shuai Ball online error, hit a corner of babos break, 2-0. The two sides third rallies, Zhang Shuai hands backhand hanging, Hungarian 3-0. In the crucial fourth game, Zhang Shuai ace score after all the way to grab points to lovegame Paul hair, 1-3 behind. Then a Zhang Shuai missed break points, serve directly out of bounds, Mr. Paul made difficult success, 4-1. Sixth Bureau Zhang Shuai staged lovegame again hair, chase into 2-4. Close games continue to reflect in the seventh inning, babos single handed forehand big slash points fifth times to get the game point, then both sides to pull Zhang Shuai back after playing volley ball straight ball score, grab the break point! The ball line score, to break the success of the final blow Zhang Shuai moving to 3-4. With the increase in the number of errors in Zhang Shuai, after the smooth progress of the eighth inning, after the chase into 4-4! The ninth game, Zhang Shuai received the service net into the other side, 40-40. Zhang Shuai then returned the ball volley 2 results on the net, Babos made a smooth security, leading 5-4. The tenth Shuaifei insurance can not become a game, China Jinhua rely on a tianwaifeixian type tricky slash rates at 5-5. The eleventh game, Zhang Shuai ball net pressure ball scoring, to get a break point, 40-30. After being tied, Babos broke into the linear ball challenge challenge, Zhang Shuai again welcome break point. Unfortunately, Zhang Shuai misses, Babos once again return to the Internet pulling straight points, 40-40. Babos Zhang Shuai put the ball back to the Internet Internet behind the ball, pick the ball out of bounds, eventually Babos Paul made a successful continuous variable angle 6-5. Zhang Shuai once again usher in a key board, in a corner serve on ACE Paul made up into 6-6. Two people rush to grab the war of seven, Zhang Shuai momentum, such as相关的主题文章: